What I Wear to Work: Nicole Wegman

The Ring Concierge founder can confirm that diamonds are, in fact, a woman's best friend.

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In 2013, Nicole Wegman dragged her fiancé around New York City hunting for the perfect engagement ring. Like many, Wegman had an idea of what she wanted her ring to look like but wasn't sure how to navigate the opaque inner workings of Manhattan's diamond district—even after working as a buyer at a handful of savvy department stores. At the time, online resources and specialized engagement boutiques were non-existent, limiting the options to luxury jewelers and little else.

It was this disheartening experience that led Wegman to the concept of Ring Concierge. "There was a huge void and need for a female-founded-and-focused millennial brand for bridal," explains Wegman. "At the time, people were all targeting men—nobody was thinking about the women," she says.

In 2013 Wegman turned her idea into an official brand launch, creating Ring Concierge to fill the void in the bespoke bridal jewelry business. Today, the brand has a dedicated social following and continued growth with several brick-and-mortar retail locations in New York City. Best known for curating a specialized engagement experience for next-generation couples, RC has expanded to include new collections from classic tennis styles to seasonal staples to personal fine jewelry options.

Ahead, we chatted with the busy entrepreneur about her anything-goes morning routine, her all-neutral wardrobe, and her jaw-dropping jewelry collection.

Nicole Wegman in an all neutral outfit for her workday

(Image credit: Nicole Wegman)

On Morning Routines:

I can't claim that routines are my strong suit, but I like to spend weekday mornings with my daughter, so I intentionally start my work days late—usually about 10 o'clock. By default, having a two-year-old makes my getting ready routine take ten times longer than it used to. I typically get ready while playing with her—so it's very drawn out. She sits in the bathroom and plays with my makeup while I'm getting ready. She tries to smear lipstick on the walls—the whole thing.

I go into the office five days a week and always try to ensure our office locations are close to my apartment. I always like to be a 15-minute car ride away because I go in every day and I work long hours, so I want to make sure my commute is manageable.

Once I get to the office, anything goes, and who knows what will happen? I may have an after-work commitment, so it's a priority that my morning is dedicated to spending time with my daughter.

Nicole Wegman in an all neutral outfit for her workday

(Image credit: Nicole Wegman)

The Perfect Outfit:

This probably sounds a little nuts, but I don't wear color ever—I only wear neutrals—creams, whites, blacks, and beiges— and my only "color" is provided by denim. It's super quick to pull looks together because everything is within a very honed color palette.

I always look at my calendar the night before to determine if anything significant is happening. Am I meeting an editor? Is a VIP coming into the office? When I'm client-facing, I like to dress the part. I'm also very public on our social media channels, and I want to look on brand.

I tend to be more casual if I have internal meetings all day. I'll wear jeans and a sweater and a pair of New Balances.

Nicole Wegman in an all neutral outfit for her workday

(Image credit: Nicole Wegman)

On Wardrobe Essentials:

I always try to buy interesting pieces that are still classic—it's always something I keep in mind, and it helps ensure the longevity of the pieces I'm buying. I've been loving The Row—I mean, who doesn't like The Row? And the Swedish designer Toteme. For accessories, I love Khaite and Loewe.

I care very much about jewelry and what [jewelry pieces] I wear daily—I always want those pieces to stand out. I try to think about necklines, especially as I'm searching for dressier pieces and good for layering jewelry pieces.

I'm lucky that I can change my jewelry out a lot—but I gravitate towards some of our classics to wear on rotation, like this pair of diamond studs that I've worn at least once a week, every week, for six years straight. Sometimes I'll layer tennis bracelets or tennis necklaces with gold chains, but despite what you're wearing or what trends you're into, the classic pieces will always be no-brainers for me that I can dress up or down, and they're always smart investments.

Nicole Wegman in an all neutral outfit for her workday

(Image credit: Nicole Wegman)

On Power Pieces:

I've been repeatedly wearing the Bold Gold Cloud Earrings, especially these past few months when I've been really busy and traveling a ton. They will instantly elevate my outfit and make me look more pulled together than I am. They're also versatile— they look great with a blazer and a white button-down, but they look cool with a little crop tee and denim.

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